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Crazy Rich Asians Movie Dallas Premiere

If you read my Crazy Rich Asians book review, you know I mentioned that I went to the Dallas premiere a couple of weeks ago. The movie premieres today, so I thought I would share my experience with you.

What I Wore:

The dress is from Asos and I bought it on clearance for $12! The shoes came from Dillards and were also purchased on clearance for $14. The handbag was gifted and is Ted Baker. I spent roughly $26 on my outfit, which isn’t bad.

Honestly, I really hated what I was wearing to the premiere. I hated the sleeves. I hated the color, but I didn’t have anything else. I guess that’s what happens when you wait until last minute. I also didn’t think about what burgundy would look like on a red carpet.

Speaking of red carpet, I totally had to sneak on it to get a photo! I was the only one allowed that wasn’t part of the press, so I thought that was fun.

The Movie:

I’m not sure how to write about the movie without giving away spoilers so I won’t say anything.  The premiere was hosted at Alamo Drafthouse in a fairly large auditorium. I was the first to arrive, so I got prime seating.

The film is fantastic! It’s pretty off from the book, but there are some small details that are the same. It’s equally funny and is also a good stand-alone film. There is a tiny glimpse at the end of the credits that makes you wonder if there will be a second film. I really want to visit Singapore after watching the film. Side note: If you’re ever up to trying authentic Singaporean food, there’s a delicious restaurant called Secret Recipe in Plano. I highly recommend the Nasi Lemak.

The After Party:

At the after party, I was extremely eager to meet the author of Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan. He was really nice and briefly discussed Wong Kar-Wai and what it would have been like if he would have directed the film.

Kevin Kwan and I

I also waited an extremely long time to meet Gemma Chan who happened to be speaking to Tina Craig of Bagsnob, my favorite blogger at the time. I didn’t get to talk to either, but I did manage a photo with both.

Gemma Chan and Tina Craig, Bagsnob

I wish the photos came out looking the same, but it was really tricky with the dark lighting in the after party.  Overall, it was a pretty good event. I wish I would have worn something else and that I would have networked more. There’s never enough networking.

This was supposed to be about the movie but somehow turned into my night.

Watch the movie, you’ll laugh a lot.

Let me know what you think.


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