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DIY: How to Refashion a Men’s Button Up #1

I was going to create an extremely detailed DIY off this blouse that I saw on Pinterest, but my sewing is so rusty. Also, I made this up as I went, which was a challenge. So, here is this rough idea of what I did to this men’s shirt to create this look.

Found here! She also did a tutorial, but as mentioned I just went by the photo. My shirt also didn’t come out looking like it.

This is how mine turned out:


  • Men’s Button Up
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sewing Machine

  1. Measure out where you’re going to cut the neckline. Make sure it’s straight when you mark it. Mine came out a little crooked, so I struggled when hemming. Cut off the shoulder and collar.

2.  Hem the opening of the shirt. This is where I messed up, I didn’t measure, so it came out a little crooked. I didn’t feel like unsewing to fix it, so I left it as it. That’s when I decided to scratch the detailed DIY.

3. Once you have hemmed the neckline of the seam, match the sleeves up.  Make sure the armpits and shoulders match correctly. Don’t worry about the length of the sleeve. You’ll then measure down about 5 inches and cut off. You can add length if you’d like.

4. Hem the sleeves. Make sure you measure them out. As usual, I winged it. However, I measured for the hem/seam to be 1/4″.

5. The easiest way to know how much elastic you need is to buy the pre-cut packs. Unwrap and measure the elastic around your chest. You can decide how tight you want it and where you want it to lay. Do the same for each sleeve.

6. Sew the ends of elastic together.

7. Pin elastic to the shirt. You will have to stretch out the elastic to pin it all. Don’t worry about the elastic being a lot smaller than the opening of the shirt. Have patience and pin it all around.

8. Sew right down the middle of elastic. Pull gently as you sew slowly. The elastic will move around as you sew. Again be patient and don’t be afraid when it starts to gather.

9. Repeat steps 7 &8 for sleeves.

10. You’ve made it!

Just in case you want to see what the shirt looked like before I cut it up, here it is:

After this post, I’m contemplating moving to Youtube, but I feel like there are already so many Youtubers. What do you think?

What else would you like to see me upcycle?



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