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How to Wear a Romper with a Skirt

I usually wear rompers the way you’re supposed to. Well, I was bored one night and I started experimenting. I decided to pair a skirt with it and I loved the way it looked! So I thought I’d share this quick and easy way to revamp your rompers.

Here’s what the romper looks like without the skirt:

                                                            Romper: Shein – $14

The only con is that it’s a little complicated going to the bathroom as there is more fabric to deal with than a body suit. Oh, the things we do for the sake of fashion!

I wore this outfit to brunch this past Labor Day weekend. We went to Overeasy at The Statler, it was so good! The biscuits are nice and buttery.

This is probably going to be my last summery outfit of the season, which makes me a little sad. I love fall, but this is the first summer I’ve truly enjoyed in a few years.

Would you try the romper under the skirt?




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