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Is a Marfa Road Trip Worth It?

Once we drove into Marfa, it was lunch time and we couldn’t find an open restaurant. Business hours on Google didn’t with the actual businesses. I think thats what really frustrates people when they visit. We were able to eat at El Camino Cafe and visit the Chianti Foundation before checking at El Cosmico. El Cosmico lived up to the expectations, everyone was really nice and it was super clean. We ended the evening with drinks at The Sentinel. which is also Marfa’s newspaper headquarters. It was a really cool place!

Van Horn was the last stop before exiting the interstate (I-10). I was able to take some photos of this barren looking town. The gas station seemed the only place to keeping the town alive. We drove past the beautiful Davis Mountains, but we did not stop at the observatory. I regret that a little. After being on the road for 10ish hours, we made it to Prada Marfa. We were the only ones there long enough for me to take enough photos in two different outfits. It seems that people only go to Marfa to visit Prada Marfa, but that was not my case. My boyfriend and I wanted to get out of town and see a little bit of the other side of Texas.

The next morning after checking out, we had breakfast at Do Your Thing Coffee and did some shopping. We left Marfa to continue on our West Texas adventure. We stopped in Alpine for a hike, but it started to rain so we turned back. We continued on to the Target in Marathon and drove around the town. We continued on to Fort Stockton and then on to San Angelo. At that point, we decided to drive back home.

So after all, was the long drive worth it? I would say yes. It was more than just taking pictures at Prada Marfa. We got to experience staying in a yurt at El Cosmico and making the most with the cold weather. We got lots of laughs and stories all while seeing beautiful landscapes. Would I go back? Only if I was driving to see Big Bend Park. (Which I really want to!) I’m curious, how many have you been? How was your experience?


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