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Spring Feels

Spring is getting closer, but it seems that the weather is only getting colder. I’ve decided that to get ready for the upcoming season change, I’ll wear this 60’s mohair coat. The coat came from Thrift Town when the Arlington location was still open. It was marked at $19.99, however I used a $5 dollar off coupon. I’ve never had the chance to wear it because it always gets hot before spring, so I feel lucky that we’re having this weather.

The 90’s suede shoes are by the brand Shoe Strings and I got them back in 2013 for 90 cents at a thrift store that is now closed.

Good and cheap finds are getting harder to come by, with all of the poshers and ebay sellers out there. A good tip for thrifing in today’s competion is thrift often and check in the mornings. There will usually be a crowd, but you never know what luck you’ll have.

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